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Glass furniture in a modern interior

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Glass furniture
Glass furniture
Glass furniture against the background of traditional products looks at least "black sheep", as it raises some doubts: well, what about glass, it breaks! However, this situation in the interior design looks extremely impressive, if not to say great ... however, again, it all depends on the stylistic concept adopted in the development of the project: in some places such products are simply inappropriate. But the topic of our conversation is not about that at all, let's better understand the practicality of using glass for furniture production.

Firstly, the decor (not only furniture products, but also all kinds of other elements of interior design) began to be made from such building materials not five years ago, and not even fifty and not one hundred and fifty, but much, much earlier.

Secondly, glass is different, and not just different, but very different in its technical (and therefore operational) characteristics. For example, the M3 brand can be used for glazing windows, but only M1 is used for the manufacture of mirror display cases.

Glass furniture
Glass furniture
Thirdly, for the manufacture of furnishings, not some familiar glass is used, but its analogues or derivatives. For example, for a countertop, structural building material called “reinforcement” is the most suitable.

Fourth, the glass itself is quite possible to undergo a special heat treatment, called "tempering". As a result, we get an original tempered glass product that is suitable for use in interior design and furniture manufacturing.

Fifth, finally: in fact, what do we expect from glass furniture? Pick up something weighty (well, not a hammer, of course, but at least a metal kettle filled with water) and swipe it on a normal wooden table from the furniture set. What, this dent and cracks on the varnish surface do not convince you that you should handle the furniture carefully?

Furniture of glass of the M1 brand, 8 mm thick, is simply not afraid of shocks of lesser strength.

Glass furniture
Glass furniture
Thus, it should be concluded: glass furniture is not only extremely effective, but also quite practical. The only condition for its successful and long-term operation is appropriate care and careful handling.
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