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You've come to the right place. Here at Glass Laminated New York, we have the capability to custom cut, polish and temper your glass at our manufacturing shop in Brooklyn, NY. This ensures a perfectly customized fit, gives you the opportunity to choose the glass type you want, and gets it delivered to you in record time for your home and office needs. Whether it's for a glass table top replacement, glass table top cover or a table design of your own, the steps for customizing your glass table top are the same. Our glass table tops are custom manufactured, which means that all pieces can be to your specification. Laminated Glass is committed to quality, service, value and honesty to all. We are dedicated to providing the very best products in the glass industry. Our passion for glass, innovative spirit, fresh vision and extensive experience result in fascinating decorative architectural glass that adds gracious beauty to museums, high-end hotels, banks, casinos, schools and restaurants as well as luxurious residences throughout the country.


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Laminated glass

If you have long been interested in laminated glass and products from it, then this article is for you. It has everything you need to know about laminated glass.
 Laminated glass
 Laminated glass

Products from such glass are characterized by environmental friendliness, which is due to the natural composition of the material. After all, laminated glass is produced in a natural way and has a natural occurrence. Therefore, it does not harm the environment.

In addition, laminated glass surfaces are easy to clean and wash, they do not absorb dirt, do not spread harmful substances and do not lose their initial luster and color.

 Laminated glass
 Laminated glass
From the point of view of design, the possibility of using non-standard forms, contrasting colors and shades is interesting. Moreover, products made of laminated glass attract the view so much that one glass object is enough to transform the interior.

Special relationship with glass with light. Work on the light, reflections, color lights, special effects at the refraction of the rays - all these are additional artistic means for modern interior design. Such glass can become a design element of any room in your house.

Products made of laminated glass in contrast are expressively combined with almost all the classical materials of the interior - wood, leather, fabrics - and, in particular, are in harmony with like-minded metals. Therefore, of metal (also a favorite in modern construction) most often create accessories for glass products - holders, pens, frames, stands, frames. Glass products are well combined with polymers, which are also characteristic of modern design.

Glass floor? Why not?

glass floor
glass floor
If you are tired of ordinary interior designs and you want to breathe newness into your home, then the glass floor is for you. If you are a lover of experiments, then why not? This design is suitable for private houses and duplex apartments. Such a floor will turn your home design over and add audacity.

As for the material, Glass is a reliable thing.  It is worth noting that the quality and safety of such glass structures is their indispensable feature, which is beyond doubt.  Due to the quality of modern glass, do not worry about anything.  New glass making technologies are so advanced that this is not a problem.

glass floor
glass floor
Also this excellent visual expansion of space.  Glass as if erases the boundaries and creates a floating effect.  And if you add elements of lighting, then your interior will not be equal.

If you are afraid that everything will be too visible from the first floor, then use frosted glass.  This texture will hide transparency but will not save you from a wonderful effect.

But if for you this is too bold decision, then you can only make part of the floor glass.  Such an idea will look no less remarkable and will retain the effect of style and courage of your interior.

In general, do not be afraid to be decisive in your design. Choose a glass floor. So your house will be transformed for many years

Glass sliding doors for the balcony

Glass sliding doors for the balcony is a very practical, and very aesthetic solution that will fit both the apartment and a private home. Such doors provide the necessary air exchange in the room, pass the maximum of light and very elegantly separate the room and balcony from each other.
Thanks to the sliding design, the doors do not take up much space and allow more efficient use of the space of the room or the balcony itself. Compared to a conventional balcony block, sliding glass doors also benefit because they visually make a room larger.
Depending on the features of the room and the balcony, there are different options for sliding glass balcony doors. For example, if the balcony is well insulated and heated in winter, then we can limit ourselves to the frameless door design, which is as transparent as possible. If the balcony is cold, then you need a design with a frame that in winter will ensure the preservation of heat in the room.

Glass for sliding balcony doors should be carefully chosen because it is not only a matter of aesthetics but also reliability, durability, and safety. Special tempered glass or triplex is best suited for balcony doors - these types of glass have increased strength and are safety-proof: when broken tempered glass is falling into small rounded fragments which do not have sharp edges, and triplex does not crumble at all, since fragments are securely fixed on the bonding layers of glass polymer film.

Glass sliding doors for the balcony are beautiful and comfortable, they are suitable for both narrow and wide openings, well suited to different interior options. It is only necessary to choose a suitable design and contact Giovani Glass to get high-quality glass doors with impeccable design, durability, reliability and comfortable use.

Glass canopies

Tempered glass canopies confidently supplant their predecessors from polycarbonate, concrete or wood. The glass is not inferior, and in many cases even exceeds other materials with its main characteristics. The curved and semicircular, straight and multifaceted glass dashes and canopies offered by Giovani Glass, have not only stylish appearance and impeccable quality but also serve as excellent protection against all kinds of atmospheric precipitation, which is the main task of such structural elements.

The main advantages of glass canopies:
·       Excellently protects the premises from the penetration of atmospheric precipitation, bright light, and wind, while they are not exposed to temperature fluctuations and thermal effects, characteristic of our climate, and the perfectly smooth surface does not allow snow and ice to stay on the surface.

·       Provides natural light for indoor space. You can apply a special colored film, which protects the canopy from direct sunlight and adds shade with the desired degree of transparency. So, you can order absolutely transparent, translucent, matte or non-transparent canopies.
·       The safety of glass canopies is provided by a multilayer glass (triplex), which is also used in automobiles. Such a glass, in the case of a devastating impact, can only crack but does not crumble to pieces. This is achieved by bonding a few glass beads to the viscous material.
·       Glass canopies and sheds have a modern and stylish look, being a decorative element and a decoration of any facade. The ability to use both flat and curved glass allows you to implement any design decisions, creating a unique and sophisticated style.

·       Long service life of canopies is provided by materials from which they are made. Tempered glass is not oxidized and deformed under the influence of time and is practically eternal material. Frames made of stainless steel guarantee strength and perfect appearance for many years.

Technology of laminated glass production

Laminated glass is a modern durable and safe material used for the production of glass partitions, awnings, canopies, and various fences. This type of glass is in great demand due to its high strength and sound insulation properties - however, in addition, laminated glass does not break apart into sharp fragments, but remains within the frame. It consists of several glass sheets glued with a special tape.


Laminated glass constructions may have a slight visual distortion, low susceptibility to glare, moderate heating, blocking 99% of ultraviolet radiation and a high level of protection from any external aggressive influences. In the process of the manufacture, glass is combined with tape under conditions of a certain pressure and temperature, passed through special rollers, and then compacted in a heat chamber. In the result, the material acquires completely new characteristics.


Laminated glass will protect the premises from robbers or armed attack. Also, if you wish, you can order a glass that is resistant to bullet shots - it is important to take into account not only its quality but also the type of weapon, the caliber of bullets, and the distance.
Laminated glass is ideal for showcases and residential houses because of its ability to prevent fading of furniture, fabrics, coatings, and so on as a result of UV exposure. In addition, this glass does not let the sun's rays, radiation and high temperatures, which also spoil the above elements of the interior. Giovani Glass offers a wide range of goods made from laminated glass.

It is important to properly install the laminated glass, making sure that the joints are tight during the installation stage, so that the construction sheets are not further delaminated. In addition, its cleanliness must be maintained, eliminating prolonged contact with water - however, if the laminated glass construction will be exposed to rain, there is no reason to be concerned, since rainwater does not affect it negatively.

Glass paiting

A colorless glass is not always the perfect solution for a particular design. That is why the painting of glass is becoming more and more popular as it allows receiving window and furniture glass with new decorative properties.
The painting of glass is a technology of decorative treatment of glass when we apply polymer varnishes with a wide palette of various colors and shades on a surface of a glass. You can see colored glass on the facades of shops or in offices.

Practically any glass can be painted, regardless of thickness, composition and shape. The glass is painted with special enamels, which provide the perfect uniformity of the paint and create a very stable paint layer. Painted glass is used to create furniture (glass tables, stands, cabinets, etc.), glazing of stained glass, doors and partitions, as well as in the manufacture of mirrors.

Giovani Glass has an experience of supplying painted glass for:
 • furniture facades
• facades for cabinets
• kitchen backsplashes
• doors
• interior partitions
 • painting in a triplex.
We will do our best that the glass decoration makes harmonious part of the interior.
It is recommended to use painted glass in dry rooms. For durability in open areas, in wet rooms, as a rule, it is necessary to use an additional protective coating.

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