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Pool Fencing is the specialized job

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Pool Fencing
Pool Fencing  NYC

A good and unique way to fence in a private pool well keeping the view of what lays outside is to use glass fencing around the desired area, which is a collection of glass panels with either visible or invisible metal pieces holding them together and into the ground to form a fence. The fences can be see through, allowing for a view either for those inside or from the pool to the area around. Good customer service is always sure from Giovani Glass and you can buy it from us here in New York. In this city not many quality option are in the market.

Alternatively, colored glass can be used to give the pool area an exciting pop, or decorate the glass with etching to fit the pool theme or a stand out pattern. They are easy to clean and maintain, and safe for both protecting people on a balcony or terrace pool, and at the ground level. Glass fences allow an area to be closed off, without the feeling of a traditional fence shutting in the space.

Every excellent customer support may have the ones simply performing abilities necessary to keep their regular cheery character despite coping with folks who can be just plain grumpy. If you want good customer service then come to us and we will guide you in the right way. Depending on what particular business you run, use of e-mails to offer customer service is not to be overlooked. Every email sent in support of your customer with regards to your products and services is always a bonus point to building a good relationship with your customers. If you offer good service like  Giovani Glass , then no one can stop you from succeeding and good customer service goes a long way.

At Giovani Glass  We specialise in the supply and installation of all kinds of Glass Pool Fences - including Frameless & Semi-Frameless.

If you’re looking for the Glass Pool Fencing professionals that will do the best possible job,  We have installed and built pool fences for a large variety of customers in New York (NYC)  and New Jersey with a flawless track record of customer satisfaction and beautiful pools, homes and gardens as an end-result!

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Campbelltown

Semi Frameless Pool Fencing has become a popular alternative to the traditional metal tubular fencing most pools have today. With the right application and advice, a Semi Frameless Pool Fence can enhance and add value to your property. Semi Frameless Glass Panels are 10mm thick toughen glass and sizes start from 506mm to 1706mm and are at 30mm increments. With a choice of square or round powder coated posts to suit 90deg, 180deg & 135deg angles. Our posts are suited to be concreted in-ground or flanged to most surfaces and come in a variety of colours. All powder coating is done at our own premise. Mix and match it with Tubular Fencing. Do it yourself or speak to one of our friendly staff about our installation services.

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