Glass Table Top

Glass Table Top
Glass Table Top NYC

If you want to give your living room, dining room or hallway a brighter, more spacious, cleaner or cleaner look while creating a sophisticated and minimalist ambiance, glass table tops are perfect.

They are a simple way to give furniture a new look. For example, if you want to update an old piece of furniture without having to deal with stains or paint, glass table tops are an excellent choice. 

Probably the most common use for glass is as a table top. Whether at home or in the office, a glass tabletop makes the place look more inviting. 
A glass table would look great on a dresser, desk or coffee table and at the same time that would also make it easier to clean.

Types of glass tabletops

Generally these types of tables have frequent use, more so if it is in the dining room or living room. Therefore the appropriate thing in this case is to apply resistant glasses and sure not to send glass particles in case of impact. So the glasses that meet these characteristics are:

Laminated; composed of two sheets of monolithic glass sandwiched with a sheet of PVB. The greater the number of interlayers, the greater the resistance.

Tempered; this goes through a thermal process of heat and cold that makes it 5 times more resistant than fired glass, so that when it breaks, rounded glass particles come out that do not represent any danger.  

Beautiful glass table tops

One of the pleasures of life is to have things at our fingertips and to have it just the way we need it, that is, flexible to changes that meet our tastes or needs. All companies are called to this but only few are chosen, such as Glass Laminated  NYC that knows exactly what you need and creates it for you instantly.

We started our dream more than a decade ago with the main goal of delivering customer satisfaction with projects that solve the needs of remodeling with glass and mirror, slowly but surely reaching the hearts of New Yorkers.

As time went by, the demand grew as a result of responsible and serious work together with innovative results that exceeded expectations and positioned us in the top of the city's favorites.

We create completely personalized works that highlight your personal brand and that are affordable. So expect from us small, medium or large projects, all with the same attention to detail. We handle state of the art technology tools that allow us to make modern works in short times, aesthetic, functional, safe, resistant and long lasting.

We also create:

  • Glass railings for swimming pools
  • Splash guards for kitchens
  • Decorative glass
  • Mirrors...

And of course glass table tops. We have the ability to create beautiful tabletops built to your specifications. There are several benefits to a glass table top, including protection and enhanced aesthetics. Glass table tops can protect your furniture from scratches and possible damage.

We have a variety of unique textures and designs to enhance table tops, bar tops and counter tops. You can order very smooth tops with designs that protrude upward from the glass we create them for you. But before you order a glass table top, you should know all the options available.

Our experts present you with a detailed overview of glass table tops. We create glass table tops for: lobby offices, meeting rooms, dining rooms, countertops manufactured with cracked glass, tempered glass, frosted glass, backsplashes, black, gray, bronze, blue, etched.
We offer a wide variety of glass types for your tabletops:
- Clear glass
- Low iron glass
- Starphire ultra-clear glass
- Frosted glass
- Back-painted glass
- Crackle or Marble glass
- Acid etched glass
- Laminated glass

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