Architectural Glass New York

Architectural Glass New York
Architectural Glass New York

Do you want to renovate the interior of your commercial area with modern partitions between departments? Are you thinking of a modern commercial construction site that attracts all eyes? Your house has been burglarized on more than one occasion and does not have adequate security? Then we recommend the installation of architectural glass.

Architectural glass is the glass that engineers use for construction. It consists of at least two individual layers bonded together in a sheet or plate glass through an adhesive interlayer. 

This interlayer can consist of molten resin or a special thermoplastic film, (PVB) for example. Architectural glass is usually based on prestressed glass, but also on single-layer safety glass. Glass doors, glass partitions, noise protection elements, fire protection glass are some of the derived products.

Architectural glass applications

You can see it in high profile commercial and residential installations ranging from:

  • Building facades, Interior partitions, 
  • Walls, 
  • Doors, 
  • Elevator interiors, shower cabins, kitchens... 
  • Kitchens...

It is generally useful as a transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including windows in external walls. Glass is also used for internal partitions and as an architectural feature.

Designer stair treads are also made of laminated glass. And what's more: Did you know that armored glass in security vehicles is made of laminated glass? 
In buildings, glass is of the safety type, which includes reinforced, tempered and laminated glass. Long recognized as the source of unique specialty glass, architectural glass continues to be a leading innovator in the construction world. 

Advantages of architectural glass

Safe. Laminated glass is considered theft-proof, especially in the window area, because it is difficult to break. 
Versatile. Architectural glass is ideal for artistic designs, using laser technology or pressure bonding methods. Imagine the effect of a semi-transparent motif on the inner layer. There are hardly any limits to imagination and processing options.

Resistant. Because they are laminated glass is difficult to break an architectural glass. However, in case of breakage, the particles will remain attached to the interlayer. 

Thermal and acoustic insulation. Another benefit of this type of glass is its ability to block 99% of UV rays. As well as exterior noise, especially in cosmopolitan cities such as New York.

Brightness. More illuminated, spacious and even minimalist spaces.

Architectural glass fabrication in New York

Glass Laminated NYC provides innovative, creative and high quality solutions to the needs of construction or remodeling of residential and commercial spaces in terms of glass and mirror for over a decade with satisfactory results.

We have a staff of recognized and certified Engineers, Architects, Designers and Glaziers that will be there to listen to your project ideas and carry them out in the most effective way possible as well as provide the advice you need in case you require it. 

No matter the size of the project we will cover it, so if you need a small work we will be there to solve it. Likewise if it is medium and of course complex. All with the same attention to detail and extreme quality.

Don't worry about unfinished jobs, additional charges or late delivery times, with us this will not happen. In addition to being a serious and responsible company, we shield the warranty to our customers because we are registered with the New York Department of Consumer Protection. So the law will protect you at all times. 

Experience facilitates many things, including giving a concrete and accurate diagnosis of the current situation and thus create the right solution with the exact price and from us you will not expect anything different.  
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Clear, architectural glass. We manufacture spectacular architectural glass.

Our inventory of over 2000 types of specialty glass, coupled with 100% vertical integration of our processes, allows us to take on the most ambitious projects and develop exciting custom architectural glass solutions. 
We have collections of specialty glass that include decorative tempered and laminated glass, textured glass, etched glass, colored glass, tinted glass, tinted mirrors, back-painted glass.

You can browse our website, learn a little more about what we offer but if you want a personalized attention we invite you to contact us, clarify doubts related to the subject of glass and ask for your free quote.

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