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The use of glass in the fence area

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glass fence
 glass fence 

"My house is my fortress": modern fences serve as a kind of moat enclosing a private territory. As a rule, to make fences, reliable and durable materials that are not suitable for climate and weather (metal, stone and its analogues, less commonly wood) are used. But such fences do not surprise anyone, and even when using extraordinary design techniques, they are still just fences.

 Want to decorate the front yard with an exclusive fence? Carefully study the proposals of the manufacturer of modern glass structures: glass fences. You read that right: today fences really are made of glass! Concrete, metal and stone fences cope with the protection of the house and the creation of a reliable barrier in the way of intruders and curious.And what attracts consumers of glass fences, at first glance: fragile, susceptible to mechanical damage, unreliable?

Such fences, in fact, have outstanding properties. They easily withstand high loads on the plane of the fence, cope with the directed flows of air, water, dust and sand. How can glass be so durable? Everything is simple:

- Special types of glass material are used in the manufacture of fences;

- Individual fence sections can be enclosed in a reliable metal profile;

- The surface of the glass is often subjected to special processing in order to obtain additional protection.
Glass fence has an attractive appearance and, as expected, durability. It is worth noting: with all the advantages, a glass fence is also beautiful!

Specifications of glass fences

  • When preparing raw materials for the production of fences, a special technology is used - hardening. Often, glass fences are also made of laminated material - triplex. This type of glass, like tempered, has greater strength and resistance to damage. 
  • Decorative tempered glass can look very different. To decorate the fence sections, experts use the bending technique. 
  • To give the necessary shade, glass paint is used, the pattern on the surface of the fence can be sandblasted. 
  • Glass sections can be joined by connecting them with posts, fasteners in a metal frame. Such panels can be removed from the ground or leave no clearance underneath. In fact, you can make any glass fence, because in the right hands this material is like clay.

Advantages of glass fences

  • Undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of the installation site.
  • Able to take custom styles and designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe from shocks because in case of strong impact the glass remains in the sheet
  • Can take different colors

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