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Kinds of glass tables for the kitchen

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Kinds of glass tables for the kitchen

The simplest glass table top is rectangular, square, oval or round shape. But even in this case, different types of countertop surface and its range of colors, as well as the unusual shape of the leg, will be able to erect a very common element in the category of works of art. 

If you bought a regular glass tabletop with a transparent top, you can make it unique by sticking a 3D sticker on the back of the tabletop. It can be a bright flower, fruit or, in general, an abstraction that "revives" the product and makes it unique.

Special attention deserves the sliding glass tables for the kitchen. This is a real find for small and small kitchens (where every centimeter of usable area counts), as well as for hospitable hosts who often receive guests at home. Glass folding tables can be not only square and rectangular, but also round and oval. It can also be deployed in various ways.

They can be rectangular inserts in the center of the table, when the two halves slide in opposite directions and an additional insert is installed in the hole formed. In the other case, the side halves, on the contrary, can act as additional inserts. Here we are dealing rather with round tables. The informal version of this table looks like a rectangular countertop with slightly rounded side edges, but by installing the semi-circular side pieces, the rectangular table becomes round.

And the simpler glass kitchen table for a rectangular-shaped transformer has two full-size tops. In the folded form, the second worktop is hidden under the first, and if the table is to be broken down, then the first is slightly shifted to the side, and the second worktop is attached to its end.

Summing up, we would like to say that a glass table, sliding or not, is light and practically heavy. Such furniture gives the interior not only lightness, but also refinement, as well as elegance, allowing the masters and guests of the house to receive not only tasty, but also aesthetic pleasure from the food.

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