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Glass floor? Why not?

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glass floor
glass floor

If you are tired of ordinary interior designs and want to breathe newness into your home, then glass flooring is for you. If you are a lover of experiments, why not? This design is suitable for private homes and duplex apartments. Such a floor will change the design of your home and add boldness.

As for the material, it is reliable. It is worth noting that the quality and safety of such glass structures is its indispensable feature, which is beyond doubt. Due to the quality of modern glass, do not worry about anything. New manufacturing technologies are so advanced that this is not a problem.

There is also the excellent visual expansion it generates in space. It's as if it blurs the boundaries and creates a floating effect. And if you add lighting elements, your interior will not be the same. If you are afraid that everything will be too visible from the second floor, use frosted glass. 

This texture will hide the transparency, but will not save you from a wonderful effect. But if for you this is too bold decision, then you can just make part of the glass floor. Such an idea will not look less noticeable and will preserve the effect of style and courage of your interior.

In general, do not be afraid to be decisive in your design. Choose a glass floor . So your home will be transformed for many years.

Advantages of glass floors

  • Elegance
  • Easy to clean
  • Brightness
  • Spaciousness
  • Versatility of designs
  • Resistance to shocks or humidity
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation...

What type of glass do glass floors use?

As it is a product designed to support weight, or constant traffic, the glass to apply is laminated or triplex. They are the most resistant glasses in the industry up to 400 kg. 

Glass floor factory in New York

Glass is a decorative element that transcends generations. That is to say, it is in force in spite of the years, providing a superior aesthetic to residential or commercial spaces and it is consolidated more because the advance of technology and its versatility achieve multiple styles and designs that go with the new trends.

But getting to this point requires the creativity and knowledge of experts in the field that in our case provides Glass Laminated NYC, one of the favorites in the industry in a market as complex as it is that of New York City.

We have more than 10 active years delivering works that solve the needs of restoration, construction or remodeling of spaces with a material as exploitable as glass. This happens thanks to our Engineers, Architects, Designers and Glaziers who put heart and creativity in each work not only to deliver fascinating aesthetic results but also to generate a personal style.

We also have first class raw materials such as laminated and tempered glass that guarantee resistant, safe, aesthetic, functional and long life products together with the use of the latest generation tools that allow us to personalize the works even more.

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