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Technology of laminated glass production

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Laminated glass is the preferred glass when it comes to constructions or creating applications corresponding to security aspects; this is due to the resistance that characterizes them. If you wish to learn more about this subject, we invite you to continue reading the following material that we have prepared for you. 

It is a modern, durable and safe product. It is used for the production of glass partitions, canopies, and various fences. This type of glass is in great demand due to its high strength and sound insulation properties; moreover, it does not break into sharp fragments, but remains inside the frame. It consists of several sheets of glass glued together with a special tape, which in most cases is PVB sheets, although there are also other materials. 

Laminated glass constructions can have slight visual distortion, low susceptibility to glare, moderate heating, 99% blocking of ultraviolet radiation and a high level of protection against external aggressive influences.

Laminated glass applications 

Laminated glass will protect the premises from burglars or armed attacks. In addition, if you wish, you can order glass that is resistant to bullet shots, it is important to take into account not only its quality, but also the type of weapon, the caliber of the bullets and the distance.

Laminated glass is ideal for showcases and residential homes because of its ability to prevent discoloration of furniture, fabrics, coverings, etc., as a result of Uv exposure. In addition, this glass keeps out the sun's rays, radiation and high temperatures, which also spoil the above elements of the interior. 

It is important to properly install laminated glass, making sure that the joints are tight so that the construction sheets are not further delaminated. In addition, cleanliness should be maintained, eliminating prolonged contact with water, however, if the laminated glass construction will be exposed to rain, there is no reason to worry, as rainwater does not adversely affect it.

Laminated glass options

Here we refer to the amount of intermediate plates attached to the glass. The most common is to use laminated glass with a single layer or with 2. Both are safe, of course the latter reinforces the resistance and safety because they are designed for impacts from relatively high distances. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the glass sheets can be monolithic glass or tempered glass; in the latter case the life and quality of the glass is multiplied.

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