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Glass Partitions

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Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are designed for quick zoning of space without drastic cost of serious renovation. The use of such partitions is aesthetic and impressively solves a number of interior tasks. Separation of premises for the creation of individual space, sanitary blocks, commercial rooms or offices. 

Visually, air walls in the office do not obscure the work areas, absorb interfering noise and create comfortable conditions. They are widely used in shopping centers that attract shoppers with beautiful showcases, through which shelves with products are well seen.

Glass partitions can have a variety of presentations. For example, you can apply photographic printing or sandblasting on their surface. However transparent designs help to create the illusion of space, even in a small area, making the room look bright and modern.

Types of glass partitions.

- Solid partitions;
- Framed partitions;
- Movable partitions.

Glass partitions are made of tempered material, if the safety of the product is required triplex technology is used. The material becomes firm and heat-resistant after hardening. The main advantage of such material is safety. 

If you break the glass wall (it is not easy to do), it breaks into small pieces with blunt edges.  The manufacturer usually offers several variants of designs: 

Solid glass: visually aerial structures without a frame, the glass fills the entire space from floor to ceiling; 
Frame: the main load falls on an aluminum, steel or wooden frame (the choice of profile depends on the design ideas). Constructions of this type provide better sound insulation.

Different glass partitions and type of installation:

  • Stationary: rigidly fixed to the floor and ceiling by means of clamps or point fittings;
  • Mobile: modular systems easy to move and assemble in a new location;
  • Convertible: helps to rebuild the room instantly.

Imitation glass walls can be found everywhere: offices, private and multi-story buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. 


  • Convenience of service - a smooth surface does not accumulate dirt and is easy to clean;
  • Affordable price;
  • Strength and safety;
  • Easy installation;

The ability to solve various tasks without global repair (for example, for quick zoning of workplaces it is enough to order glass partitions in the office, as they are easy to install and do not worsen the lighting);

Non-critical weight, which is important in some buildings;


Large assortment, which allows you to incorporate a lot of design concepts.

Glass partition manufacturers in New York.

If you read from the beginning of this article, you will notice that glass partitions create modern, fresh, lighted and intercommunicating places with each other easily and quickly. Another excellent news is the accessibility of cost that makes it a very attractive option.

Now the next step is to hire the company or professional in the field truly committed to delivering quality, personalized work in optimal time. That is precisely what we do at Glass Laminated NYC thanks to the human and technical talent that is part of our payroll and that of course loves what they do.  

We have been dedicated to the design, fabrication and installation of superior glass and mirror products for over a decade, meeting exactly the renovation needs of residential and commercial homeowners in New York City.  

You can tell us your project ideas no matter the dimensions, we will materialize them just as you have them in mind in record time. Our professional engineers, designers and glaziers will make sure that everything runs smoothly in the process, taking care of every detail, no matter how small. 

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And many more services all created with the most resistant glass in the market such as tempered and laminated. So contact us, clarify your doubts about what we offer, receive a free quote and enjoy aesthetic, functional, resistant, safe and long life glass products.

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