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Glass paiting

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Clear glass is not always the perfect solution for a particular design. That is why glass painting is becoming more and more popular, as it allows to receive window panes and furniture with new decorative properties that catch all eyes.

Glass painting is a technology of decorative treatment of glass when we apply polymeric varnishes with a wide palette of various colors and shades on the surface of the material. You can see them on the facades of stores or in offices.

Virtually any glass can be painted, regardless of thickness, composition and shape. This is painted with special enamels, which provide the perfect uniformity of the paint and create a very stable layer of paint.

Painted glass applications
Interior partitions
Kitchen backsplashes

Types of Stained Glass

Cristazul; Generates in spaces a visual appeal that certainly does not go unnoticed. You can usually see them in corporate buildings. Protects interior furnishings from UV rays.

Filtrasol; It is ideal to control the environment of the place because it only allows 39% of heat to pass through. On the other hand, it projects a luxurious look to structures with an opaque tone.

Bronze; Special to prevent the passage of solar radiation on a large scale. We recommend installing them in sunny or hot locations. Of course, the aesthetics is not lacking with this type of glass providing a captivating visual result.

Stained glass factory in New York

Do you want to build or renovate your residential or commercial structure with quality glass at an affordable price? Don't worry, at Glass Laminated NYC we have the best solution for you. 

We are designers, manufacturers and installers of glass and mirror products for over a decade generating satisfactory results to the residents of New York City who are the main witnesses of a job well done from start to finish.

A high-level job requires several points, one of which is to provide trained personnel who know how to give an accurate diagnosis, for an accurate solution. Our work family is made up of Engineers, Architects, Designers and Glaziers with more than 3 decades in the field. So you will have an effective solution in less time than you expect.

We have a commercial operating license registered with the New York Department of Consumer Protection. In this way we guarantee a legal work, safe completion and compliance in agreed rates and results as you require. 

On the other hand, we invite you to enjoy the most resistant glass products in the industry that offer laminated and tempered glass, providing at the same time unparalleled aesthetics and functionality at its best.  

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