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Glass constructions made of laminated glass (triplex)

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Glass constructions made of laminated glass

In big cities it is common to find modern buildings with glass facades. Likewise you can also observe that in shopping malls, restaurants and some nightclubs have beautiful glass floors or some banking institutions have doors and windows of this fascinating material. All of them fall into the category of laminated glass constructions.

Now "triplex" is a Latin word, which means "triple". This term implies a special technology for the manufacture of glass products and its result: a special laminated glass.

Triplex technology is the construction of a kind of "cake" in layers of two or more glasses and a special polymer between them, which does not allow the destruction of the glass by mechanical effects. In this case, all the properties of glass as a material are preserved.

The range of use of triplexes is very wide, but we can distinguish two main areas: industrial or architectural triplex and decorative triplex. Architectural Triplex is a composition of several layers of glass glued together with a special resin. The layers can be made of glass of the same or different types, straight or bent according to a given shape (they are shaped before gluing).

Advantages of laminated glass constructions

We recommend the use of laminated glass as protection against burglary, bullets, fire and noise, to protect a person from various injuries, as well as for the manufacture of insulating glass windows, i.e. they fulfill their main function - protection. 

Due to the polymer layer, the transparency of the material is somewhat lower, and its thermal and acoustic insulation qualities are superior to those of ordinary glass of the same thickness.

The impact resistance of the material depends on the type of glass from which it is made.

Types of laminated glass according to use

According to its purpose, it is divided into the following types:

► Impact-resistant; 
► Bulletproof; 
► Fireproof; 
► Explosion-proof; 
► Noise protection; 
► Frost-resistant; 
► Plastic glass with special properties, e.g. electrochromic (smart-glass).

Applications of laminated glass in constructions.

Laminated glass has use for covering facades and structural glazing, windows and partitions, floors and stairs, canopies, doors and windows, from residential buildings and commercial real estate to special engineering and trains .

A different combination of glass and polymer coatings allows different strength classes to be obtained. By preserving the high strength of the glazing, triplex provides reliable protection of premises against unauthorized entry, which is widely used in banks.

Construction companies with laminated glass in New York

Do you have a business building with a glass façade in your projects? Do you want to remodel your office or the internal structure of your commercial area with safety glass? Do you love glass floors and want to install them in your space? Then you've come to the right place. Glass Laminated NYC can help you.

We are manufacturers, designers and installers of high-end glass and mirror products covering small, medium and even more complex needs such as the construction field. For this we have available Engineers, Designers, Architects and Glaziers of proven and certified experience that apply their solid knowledge in each work to deliver superior results totally customized.

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