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Pool Fencing is the specialized job

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Pool Fencing
Pool Fencing  NYC

A good and unique way to fence a private pool while keeping the view of what is outside is to use glass fencing around the desired area, which is a collection of glass panels with visible or invisible metal pieces holding them together and into the ground. The fences can be seen through, allowing a view for those inside or from the pool into the surrounding area. 

Alternatively, colored glass can be used to give the pool area an exciting touch, or decorate the glass with an etching that fits the pool theme or a prominent pattern. They are easy to clean and maintain, and safe for both protecting people in a balcony or terrace pool, as well as at ground level. Glass fences allow you to enclose an area, without the feeling of a traditional fence enclosing the space.

Advantages of glass pool fencing

Glass is a very complete element for decoration and in any application they bring beauty, class and innovation. That is why here are some specific benefits of glass fences: 

  • Complete visibility in the environment
  • Safety in the presence of children or pets
  • Elegance to the place
  • Amplitude 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Minimalist
  • Customizable
  • Affordable...

In short, a lot of virtues worth considering when installing railings for the pool area or other areas of your residential or commercial space.

Glass for railings

The glass used for fencing falls into the category of safety glass because they prevent damage in case of impact or breakage to people who might be nearby at those times. Among the most common we mention:

Tempered glass; it goes through a thermal process so that when it breaks, the particles are like water droplets, i.e. there will be no sharp particles.

Laminated glass; undoubtedly the most resistant in the industry formed by two sheets of monolithic glass sandwiched with a layer of PVB whose purpose of existence is to absorb glass particles when it breaks.
Either of these two works perfectly in glass railings for your pool or deck or stairs.  

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Campbelltown

Semi frameless pool fencing has become a popular alternative to the traditional metal tubular fencing that most pools have today. With the right application and advice, a semi-frameless pool fence can enhance and add value to your property. 

Semi frameless glass panels are 10mm thick tempered glass and sizes range from 506mm to 1706mm and have 30mm increments.  With a choice of square or round powder coated posts to suit 90°, 180° and 135° angles. Our posts are suitable for concreting into the ground or flanged into most surfaces and come in a variety of colors. 

Beautiful Glass Pool Railings 

Glass Laminated NYC Designs, manufactures and installs high quality glass and mirror products and glass fences are part of our menu of services. We have a decade-long track record of helping New Yorkers crystallize their most desired projects.

But to achieve this it is necessary a series of factors such as expertise, discipline and dedication, qualities that we put into practice for each work and thus achieve our overall goal: to meet the needs of customers. 

In the same way, you will have at your disposal engineers, designers and professional glaziers who listen to all the ideas you have in mind and will take them to the real world in record time. They also provide you with the best advice if you wish.

We create works tailored to both your requirements and your economy. So if you are interested in a simple project, don't worry, we are here to carry it out with the quality and excellence of large or complex projects. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that we will take care of every detail.

Our company is legally registered with the New York Department of Consumer Protection. This way you will be protected and sure to get the results you expect, in the estimated time and without additional costs.

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