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Insulated Glass

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Insulated Glass
Insulated Glass NYC

Also called double-pane glass, it consists of two pieces of glass, with a moisture-absorbing sealant between them. Insulating glass can only be installed in windows or openings prepared for this purpose.

What causes fogging or condensation between the glass in your windows?

 When the seal between two pieces of glass is broken, it begins to let air in. The difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature causes condensation, i.e. moisture accumulates in the space between the two panes. We guarantee our insulated glass against condensation. All our insulated glass is factory sealed and ready in minutes.
We will install our insulated glass in your existing window at a much lower cost than buying a new window.

Insulating glass units are fabricated to project specifications. IG units can be constructed using a variety of glass products to achieve desired aesthetics, meet design criteria, safety codes and/or to improve solar control and thermal performance.

Insulating Glass Specifications

Insulating glass is produced taking into account the thickness of the glass.  
A typical sheet of insulating glass uses base glass with a thickness ranging from 3 mm to 11 mm. Insulating glass can also be produced from tempered glass. A standard insulating glass contains layers of glass of the same thickness, but special requirements, such as safety and soundproofing, may require various thicknesses for the unit.

Glass options include clear, low-iron, Low-E, standard or high-performance (spectrally selective), reflective, silk-screened, spandrel, laminated, decorative and wired glass. Glass sheets in an IG unit can be annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered or laminated and can be cut to any shape. Most glass up to ¼" thick can be insulated or made into a double pane.


  • Thermal and acoustic insulation 
  • Resistant to climatic changes
  • Versatile due to the ability to be used in a variety of applications
  • Reduces condensation
  • Safety in installations
  • Resistant, especially against fire...

Insulating glass applications

  • Residential or commercial facades
  • Offices or internal installations
  • Maximum safety purposes...

Insulating Glass Manufacturers in New York City

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We work with the most resistant glass in the industry such as tempered and laminated. Also we only use high-tech tools to deliver the result you expect in less time.

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