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Electric privacy glass new york

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Electric privacy glass new york

Electric privacy glass not only provides an enclosed space when needed, but the increased availability of natural light reduces electricity bills and improves the overall feel of the environment. More light, glass and windows increase the feeling of space and openness in enclosed areas. Natural light is important for people's well-being.

Tests show that more exposure to natural light improves eye and brain function, things that can be hindered by large amounts of artificial lighting. This is why this type of glass is useful. It also helps with energy levels and productivity, which are often depleted by too much artificial lighting.

The overall atmosphere of an environment improves with increased access to sunlight, which can be changed and filtered through the use of privacy glass that can benefit all employees and consumers. 

Advantages of Privacy Glass

  • ELECTRIC PRIVACY GLASS also acts as a high resolution rear projection screen, ideal for presentations in meeting rooms, creating a greater sense of space and minimalist style.
  • With a single click they generate a transparent or opaque environment depending on what you require at the moment.
  • Versatility; available in various colors and shapes in glass. It also looks perfect in different spaces
  • Durable over time
  • Spaciousness in spaces

Glass experts in New York

Glass laminated Nyc knows exactly what you need when it comes to glass and mirror renovation. Our long working history of more than a decade allows our experts, certified by the way, to give an accurate diagnosis of the current situation or problem you need to solve along with the right price with no additional costs.

Being a manufacturing company, we only create resistant products thanks to tempered and laminated glass. In this way the result is high quality, aesthetic, functional and long lasting. We have available engineers, designers, glaziers and a great team that work every day doing their best to make you feel at home and with the results you are looking for. 

We use innovative tools that facilitate our work and at the same time allow us to customize the work. In fact, we create completely customized projects in any dimension: small, medium and large, according to your needs. In this way you will pay what you can afford. But rest assured that it will be a work that will exceed your expectations. 

And speaking of security, we are registered with the New York Department of Consumer Protection, that is, we are licensed to operate commercially. This way we guarantee a complete job, without additional costs and within the agreed time.

Learn more about our services here, but if you want more direct attention, contact us and receive a free estimate.

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