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Decorative Glass is just to enhance your home

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Decorative Glass  is just to enhance your home
Decorative Glass  is just to enhance your home NYC

A simple glass panel can easily be turned into an artistic statement piece, with tons of different options and styles to choose from to create an extremely individual glass experience. Whether it's adding a bit of flair or completely changing an entire wall through the use of glass or mirrors, decorative glass is a creative way to completely change the atmosphere of a room. 

By using etchings, colors or designs, decorative glass can be added to alter the surface of glass cabinets or completely change the look of a glass shower as it is adorned with its own artistic design to stand out in a bathroom. Decorative glass maintains all the qualities of simple glass, such as cleanliness and strength, and provides its own statement to a room. Each design can be different and stand out as its own work of art with a personal touch and feel. Decorative glass takes glass to a new level.

Decorative glass allows you to add style and elegance to your home by incorporating a range of options such as: Georgian or cottage bars, stained glass, leaded lights, bevels and sparkling cut glass to create a distinctive look. 

Decorative Glass Types

As with everything in life, the passage of time allows for the evolution of anything including the forms of decoration and the application of materials to achieve it. In fact, glass over the years has shown great versatility when it comes to giving it not only functional but also decorative uses in residential or commercial spaces.

So you can find diversity of decorative glass according to your requirements or needs and that definitely enhance the aesthetics of the place of application. Among them:

Sandblasted; the glass presents a textured and embossed surface ideal for office doors or commercial premises, where you can engrave some drawing, sign, personal brand or logo. You can also find it as frosted glass.

Colored; This allows you to create personalized spaces to suit the client's taste, thanks to its ability to take any color, fascinating the viewer. 

Translucent; An excellent option to give privacy to the place due to the faded effect caused by the texture. The viewer will only be able to notice shadows or figures without precise details.   

Pavés; have an irregular texture that prevents the viewer from seeing the other side. Generally you find it in bricks, ideal for walls in stairs, ceilings, floors, corridors...

Mirrored; It is a special glass with which you can observe yourself without losing the view to the outside.

Insulating; Ideal to maintain a climate control keeping a pleasant temperature whatever the season of the year and noise. Of course with styles and designs that stylize the place.

Decorative Glass Experts in New York City

 Poor customer service can quickly ruin the reputation of not only an individual business but the entire chain, as online reviews and word of mouth allow an unpleasant experience to spread quickly. Customer service builds a company's reputation. Be courteous enough by introducing yourself to the customer. By introducing yourself, you begin to frame interactions as one between people rather than between a customer and a company. Laminated Glass NYC is one of the best.

We are an expert source for the widest range of decorative glass, as well as specialty and standard glass products, for architecture and interior design. We are also a perfect resource for architects and interior design professionals who want to learn more about using decorative glass in their designs and/or need help optimizing graphics for digitally printed glass.

The passage of time is a fundamental element to evolve and in our case is not indifferent. We have Engineers, Designers and Glaziers with a long and recognized career that every day work with care and dedication taking care of every detail to deliver high quality projects that not only meet but exceed expectations.

We have a commercial license endorsed by the New York Department of Consumer Protection, which guarantees a complete project, without additional costs, just as you require it and within the agreed time.

We manufacture laminated and tempered glass sheets and accessories so you get a product of extreme quality, safe, resistant and long life. On the other hand, we work with innovative and high quality tools that allow us to deliver completely customized works in record time.

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