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Decorative Fabric Laminated in Glass

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Decorative Fabric Laminated Glass
Decorative Fabric Laminated Glass NYC

We can say that laminated glass occupies the favoritism of the people due to all the benefits it brings among them the diversity of uses for different spaces in a safe, resistant and extremely durable way. In remodeling there are several alternatives, one of which is the decorative fabric in laminated glass.

Although it may seem strange to some, you can practically acquire countless products with glass and this is one of the most attractive in the industry.

How to make laminated glass from fabric?

Laminated glass goes through an extensive process to weave the fabric. A fabric of choice (or even metals or other substances) is placed between two (or more) layers of glass and through a process of high temperature and pressure, they are bonded together using adhesion chemicals such as PVB or EVA. Almost any glass, of any size and thickness, can be used to create the appearance of laminated fabric.

Laminated glass was once restricted primarily to safety purposes and was used in automotive glass or safety glasses because, upon impact, the lamination process allows the glass to crack into a spider web shape rather than break into large, sharp pieces that could cause injury. This technology now allows for the safe construction of large walls and windows, but also with decor and fashion in mind.

The beauty behind fabric laminated glass is that it provides the ability to create a small or large decor piece or even a piece of furniture. Depending on the durability of the glass and whether it is tempered or not, you will have unique designs on even the most usable surfaces.


Suitable for installing a complete countertop with a favorite fabric or textile design. The process has advanced so much in recent years that areas can be cut out of the glass for sinks or other needs.
It is even possible to build complete walls, doors and windows with laminated glass. And for smaller projects, there is the option of taking a piece of fabric or textile and encapsulating it between the glass and using it for display or mounting as a piece of artwork or in a small window area. The options are limitless.

The durability of fabric laminated glass is such that one would expect with normal wear and tear, as it will last for decades displaying the design with the expected structural strength protection of the glass. The glass is as easy to clean as any window or table glass, which keeps it beautiful and new.

The Best in Decorative Fabric on Laminated Glass

Glass laminated NYC is always at the forefront of exclusivity, elegance and good taste when it comes to glass and mirror products. This is thanks to the inexhaustible creativity of our Engineers, Designers and Glaziers together with the impeccable collaboration of the rest of the team that makes life in our company. 

We have a long history of work delivering products and creating high-level works that not only meet but exceed all expectations of customers who are satisfied with the results.

One of the doubts or fears that arise in customers is that the company does not comply with the agreement, leave the work half done or charge higher amounts under any excuse generating a number of problems. Don't worry it usually happens when it is not a legal company or contractor.

For our part we are legally registered with the New York Department of Consumer Protection under which you will be protected against any failure. However, we make sure that everything goes perfectly, taking care of even the smallest detail. 

Enjoy aesthetic, functional, safe, resistant and long lasting works thanks to the laminated and tempered glass that we manufacture and install in residential and commercial areas.

In addition to the expertise, effectiveness, excellence and success of the works is feasible thanks to the work tools used. In fact we work with the most modern in the market, this also allows us to further customize the projects.  

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