Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Glass floor? Why not?

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glass floor
glass floor
If you are tired of ordinary interior designs and you want to breathe newness into your home, then the glass floor is for you. If you are a lover of experiments, then why not? This design is suitable for private houses and duplex apartments. Such a floor will turn your home design over and add audacity.

As for the material, Glass is a reliable thing.  It is worth noting that the quality and safety of such glass structures is their indispensable feature, which is beyond doubt.  Due to the quality of modern glass, do not worry about anything.  New glass making technologies are so advanced that this is not a problem.

glass floor
glass floor
Also this excellent visual expansion of space.  Glass as if erases the boundaries and creates a floating effect.  And if you add elements of lighting, then your interior will not be equal.

If you are afraid that everything will be too visible from the first floor, then use frosted glass.  This texture will hide transparency but will not save you from a wonderful effect.

But if for you this is too bold decision, then you can only make part of the floor glass.  Such an idea will look no less remarkable and will retain the effect of style and courage of your interior.

In general, do not be afraid to be decisive in your design. Choose a glass floor. So your house will be transformed for many years
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