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Glass canopies

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Tempered glass canopies confidently supplant their predecessors from polycarbonate, concrete or wood. The glass is not inferior, and in many cases even exceeds other materials with its main characteristics. The curved and semicircular, straight and multifaceted glass dashes and canopies offered by Giovani Glass, have not only stylish appearance and impeccable quality but also serve as excellent protection against all kinds of atmospheric precipitation, which is the main task of such structural elements.

The main advantages of glass canopies:
·       Excellently protects the premises from the penetration of atmospheric precipitation, bright light, and wind, while they are not exposed to temperature fluctuations and thermal effects, characteristic of our climate, and the perfectly smooth surface does not allow snow and ice to stay on the surface.

·       Provides natural light for indoor space. You can apply a special colored film, which protects the canopy from direct sunlight and adds shade with the desired degree of transparency. So, you can order absolutely transparent, translucent, matte or non-transparent canopies.
·       The safety of glass canopies is provided by a multilayer glass (triplex), which is also used in automobiles. Such a glass, in the case of a devastating impact, can only crack but does not crumble to pieces. This is achieved by bonding a few glass beads to the viscous material.
·       Glass canopies and sheds have a modern and stylish look, being a decorative element and a decoration of any facade. The ability to use both flat and curved glass allows you to implement any design decisions, creating a unique and sophisticated style.

·       Long service life of canopies is provided by materials from which they are made. Tempered glass is not oxidized and deformed under the influence of time and is practically eternal material. Frames made of stainless steel guarantee strength and perfect appearance for many years.
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