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Glass Partitions

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Glass partitions are designed for rapid zoning of space without a drastic cost of serious renovation. The use of such partitions is aesthetical and impressively solves a number of interior tasks. Separation of premises for the creation of individual space, sanitary blocks, trading rooms or offices. Visually the air walls in the office do not obscure working areas, absorb noise that interferes with and creates comfortable conditions. They are widely used in shopping centers attracting buyers with beautiful showcases, through which the shelves with goods are well viewed. Glass partitions can be decorated in many ways. You can apply photo printing or sandblasting on its surface.
Transparent designs help create the illusion of space, even in a small area, making the room light and modern.

Types of glass partitions
-        Solid partitions;
-        Frame partitions;
-        Mobile partitions.
Glass partitions are made from tempered material, if the product safety is required, triplex technology is used. The material becomes firm and heat-resistant after hardening. The main advantage of such material is safety. If you break the glass wall (it's not easy to do it), it splits into small pieces with blunt edges. The manufacturer usually offers several variants of designs: solid glass - visually aerial structures without a frame, glass fills the entire space from floor to ceiling; frame - the main load falls on a frame made of aluminum, steel or wood (the choice of profile depends on design ideas). Constructions of this type provide better soundproofing.
Different glass partitions and type of installation:
• stationary - rigidly fastened to the floor and ceiling by clamping or point fittings;
• mobile - modular systems that are easy to move and mount in a new place;
• convertible - help to rebuild the room instantly.
Imitations of the walls made of glass can be found everywhere: in offices, private and multistory buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. The popularity of this material is explained by a large number of positive moments:

• convenience of service - a smooth surface does not accumulate dirt and is easy to clean;
• affordable price;
• strength and safety;
• easy installation;
• the ability to solve various tasks without global repair (for example, for fast zoning of workplaces it is enough to order glass partitions in the office, since they are easy to install and do not worsen the lighting);
• uncritical weight, which is important in some buildings;
• durability;
• large assortment, which allows you to embody a lot of design concepts.

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