Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Glass paiting

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A colorless glass is not always the perfect solution for a particular design. That is why the painting of glass is becoming more and more popular as it allows receiving window and furniture glass with new decorative properties.
The painting of glass is a technology of decorative treatment of glass when we apply polymer varnishes with a wide palette of various colors and shades on a surface of a glass. You can see colored glass on the facades of shops or in offices.

Practically any glass can be painted, regardless of thickness, composition and shape. The glass is painted with special enamels, which provide the perfect uniformity of the paint and create a very stable paint layer. Painted glass is used to create furniture (glass tables, stands, cabinets, etc.), glazing of stained glass, doors and partitions, as well as in the manufacture of mirrors.

Giovani Glass has an experience of supplying painted glass for:
 • furniture facades
• facades for cabinets
• kitchen backsplashes
• doors
• interior partitions
 • painting in a triplex.
We will do our best that the glass decoration makes harmonious part of the interior.
It is recommended to use painted glass in dry rooms. For durability in open areas, in wet rooms, as a rule, it is necessary to use an additional protective coating.

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