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Glass Floors is a very good option for one and all

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Glass Floors
Glass Floors  NYC

It may not seem like it, but glass floors provide some of the most secure and easy to clean floor surfaces. Glass floors can be clear as well as opaque or filled with designs, while also blocking ultraviolet light and being immune to water damage. Some of the world’s architectural wonders are introducing or already have glass floors to allow for the best view. The Eiffel Tower is replacing some of its flooring with glass, and the Sears Tower in Chicago is full of glass balconies, adorned with both glass fences and floors, that allow for people to have a full view of the city. Not only can glass provide the best view both on the sides and below, it is strong, sanitary and safe.

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Laminated glass flooring is produced by bonding two or more layers of heat treated pressured glass together with a plastic resin interlayer, which is known as Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB).

Multiple PVB glass sheets are more popularly used by the automobile industry and the airline industry for designing windshields.

The PVB interlayer makes glass floors impervious to water damage, it offers sound reduction and blocks 99% of UV rays. PVB interlayers can be customized into different colored sheets to be used by glass manufactures for architects and construction engineers.

The best way to lay a laminated glass floor is by using block pavers with an aluminum grid. This newer method encases the sides and bottom edges of each glass paver block with a silicone sealant rather than the original method of using grout. The aluminum grid provides durability and reinforcement for foot traffic, as well as offering a unique element to an interior design. Glass flooring is available in several different options that at Giovani Glass we offer including crystal clear which is transparent, frost, revo, small rocks and sand. These options provide different levels of translucency and privacy, yet natural lighting can still filter in.

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