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Decorative Fabric Laminated in Glass

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Decorative Fabric Laminated Glass
Decorative Fabric Laminated Glass NYC

What Is Fabric Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass goes through an extensive process to intertwine fabric in between the glass.
A fabric of choice (or even metals or other substances) is placed between two (or more) layers of glass and through a high heat and pressure process they are bonded together using adhesion chemicals such as PVB or EVA. Most any glass, of any size and thickness, can be used to create the fabric laminated appearance.

Laminated glass was once restricted to primarily safety purposes, and was used in automobile glass or safety goggle glass because upon impact the lamination process allows for the glass to crack in a spider web-type break instead of breaking off in large, sharp pieces that could cause injury. This technology now allows for safe construction of large walls and windows, but with décor and fashion in mind as well.

The beauty behind fabric laminated glass is that it provides one the ability to create either a small or a large piece of decoration or even furniture. Depending on the durability of the glass, and whether or not it is tempered, one could construct their own unique designs on even the most usable surfaces. An entire countertop could be installed using a favorite fabric design or textile. The process has advanced so much in recent years that areas can be cut out of the glass for sinks or other necessities. It is even possible to construct walls, doors and full windows out of the laminated glass. And for smaller projects, one is able to take a chosen piece of fabric or textile and encapsulate it between the glass and use to display or mount as an art piece or in a small window area. The options are limitless, whether it is deciding how to use or where to use a laminated construction piece or what to put between the layers (fabric, textile, even dried flowers).

The durability of fabric laminated glass is such that one could expect with normal wear and tear for it last for decades displaying the design with the protectiveness of the expected structural strength of glass. The glass is as simple to clean as any window or table top glass which keeps it looking beautiful and new.

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